Thursday, January 17, 2013

BOOK I saw at the Art Museum

Have you heard of this or read it? Is it good?

                         A Bird In Winter: A Children's Book Inspired by Peter Breugel

In this charming children's picture book, Pieter Breugel's painting The Hunters in Snow provides the basis for a heartwarming story about a young girl and the bird she nurses back to health. Eight-year-old Mayken is a peasant girl who works in her mother's guesthouse. One wintry day she goes ice-skating with some friends and finds an injured bird. Bright watercolors help narrate Mayken's story, which concludes with a stunning reproduction of Breugel's masterpiece. Young readers will learn about Breugel and his art as they cheer Mayken on and enter a world of snow, trees, and the simple beauty of a winter's day.

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podso said...

Ive heard of it I think, is it good? You've been busy. Hope your boys arrived safely. It didn't amount to much here, did it.