Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Four Quartets

I will write on the evening at Duke Chapel on THE FOUR QUARTETS 
as soon as I check some things off my TO DO list. 
It was a sacred evening.
It stilled my soul.

At the Still point....

Here is a poem( not of TS Eliot) for this morning:

It is morning. A finch startles
the maple leaves. Everything’s clear
in this first light before all thins
to a locust harping on the heat.
While day clutches at my pulse
to inject the usual anesthetic,
now, Christ, stimulate my heart,
transfuse your blood to fortify my own.
Let no light upon these sheets
diminish, Lord, before I feel you
burst inward like a finch
to nest and sing within this tree of bones.
by Robert Siegel ( just passed away near Christmas)


podso said...

We had a coffee house at our college called Still Point

Bonnie said...

King's College?