Monday, January 21, 2013

Sister time

Time seems to be still and moves at the same time when my sister comes
to my house or vice versa.  When time is still , it is full.  So I am full of 
 still time from a  visit with my sister. We even pushed carts down 
an escalator at Whole Foods! Yes, an escalator.

I am reading The Four Quartets ( T.S. Eliot)  to go see THE FOUR QUARTETS 

T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets as Poetry, Music, Art

The centerpiece of the celebration will be a grand exhibition of paintings (QU4RTETS) by artists Makoto Fujimura and Bruce Herman mounted in Duke Chapel. The opening night of the exhibition will feature a performance of Christopher Theofanidis’s quintet, "At the Still Point," a piece commissioned in collaboration with the visual artists’ work.

at  Duke Chapel in a week.  

video here

At the still point of the turning world.

Midwinter spring is its own season


beth said...

Reading The Four Quartets as well and looking forward to going to the event at Duke on the 28th.

walking said...

How lovely it is to spend time with sisters, good books, and fine art. :-)

podso said...

It sounds good, what you are planning to see at Duke and your preparation for that and your sister time and a visit to Whole Foods and the note I received in the mail today --so pretty, birds and postmarks! Thank you for encouraging me!

Gail said...

Nothing like sister time! Thanks for all of your hospitality.