Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend doings

It was  very warm Autumn weekend here. 
Farmer's Market, watered garden lettuce, mulched the  garden, made broth,
made pumpkin choc chip cookies, ate dinner with friends who live close-by 
to where Emma was at a friend's 16th party, read , and worshiped  this morning.

I am getting reports from my brother on Long Island, NY on the  hurricaine destruction.
The snow is gone now. ( even in Conn. as an update from my sister-in-law)
There were so many old trees blown over.

Halfway through A World Lost by Wendell Berry. It is Andy Catlett looking back 
on the death of his uncle Uncle Andrew. His namesake. It is my post election read.
Place and family. Still reading Berry's poems. I seem to be stuck in those themes
and words and it is good.  

What are you reading post election?

Movies coming out very soon.
Getting excited.

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