Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lamb and cold

We have had some sort of stew or soup almost every night as winter and the storm 
came through. No rain. Wind. Colder. Heard from all my relatives in NJ and NY that they are safe but in the dark. No power. College son was snowed in up  the NC mts. and no classes at the beginning of the week. They are equipped for snow but it kept snowing. So early. 
Must get out my Nature Notebook. Or you can write in your journal for the generations to come to read about this disasterous hurricaine named Sandy. 

Tonight was this recipe with wild rice instead of barley and I added carrots:

Lamb Neck with lemon and barley from River Cottage in the UK.

I used lamb stew bones.

All ok with anyone you know in the Northeast?

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Charlotte Mason in the City said...

After you stopped by my blog, I wanted to visit yours! Nice to be her and to read your words.