Monday, November 5, 2012

Heavenly Singing

I am sitting on the living room couch listening to Emma play Chopin and Schumann
and now singing up the scales. TENEBRAE lifted our souls into a place in eternity
with their acapella singing of 15 singers with a sound  like a multitude of angels. Some
of the angels are bass! I found myself being led into prayer and worship as we sat
under the great Gothic ceiling of Duke Chapel. 

Emma was struck by their volume in singing. Her choir director is a voice teacher and taught them not to be at 10 volume. It ruins their voices. So most of the Vespers service was at 3-4 and then up to 7-8 just at points in songs.

from Twitter:

Concert 4 in the beautiful surrounds of Duke University Chapel capped off the first half of the tour on a high.


melissa said...

I'd just like to sit in that chapel and be quiet. The singing would be amazing, of course, and the setting is stunning.

podso said...

Oh the long awaited concert arrived while I was away. It sounds like it was a beautiful time. Look forward to hearing more.

Gail said...

Oh my, I forgot you were going to this. Sounds like one of those experiences that stays and stays with you.