Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I met a woman last night who knew my name.
"Aren't you Bonnie............?"
When someone already has seen your name somewhere or heard of you, you hope it
has good thoughts alongside what they are going to say!
I think of words my mother would say when she called in a certain voice " Bonnie?!"
She sort of had that tone so my heart was bracing.
She asked, " How do you know Makoto Fujimura?"
Our eyes twinkled! She had seen my name on his facebook.
Guess what? She went to high school with him in New Jersey!

Introductions are the topic I am working on in writing with my students.
Titles and how to bring your reader in with listening ears as you write.
Here is a blog  What's in a  Title? from The Rabbit Room.

ON my way to the website , I found this  With Bach's Resolve by Sarah Clarkson on something
Emma's choir director does and then goes on to the sacredness of creating : each composer has a color hue.  I read it to her and  my voice quivered as my eyes well with tears.

"But I’ll write on, like Bach, to empty house or full. The audience size doesn’t matter. The depth of the beauty does, for it was a gift. To write it is my thanks. "


podso said...

Love your new header and the color of her yarn. You are famous! I think it is so good what you are doing. Just heard on the news the public schools will no longer teach handwriting, or how to write a thank you note. Only typing. Such a loss. Good you are teaching titles --they are key.

walking said...

I had a cool moment like that recently. Someone on a special needs FB group was asking about homeschooling her autistic teen. So, I gave some encouraging words and gave her my blog address. A few minutes later, she wrote: "I just realized I have seen your daughter somewhere on the web before. She makes beautiful painting? right?"