Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wish I was doing this..........

We started this book during lunch and I wanted to go.
Go across America as Autumn starts. To travel in a single season ~~ this most colorful season. 

Teale paints the landscape , even the sounds, so you can see and hear. 

I am familar with the part of the country Teale and his wife start from: New England but not this particular island:

Monomay Island, Mass

It is right below Nantucket.

" broken pieces of summer can be found scattered into the shortening days of fall.  Only on calendars and in almanacs are the lines of division sharply defined."


Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge shore


Gail said...

I LOVE the last true how we try to "organize" the seasons. Beautiful picture. I thought for a second it was Block Island.

Gail said...
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