Friday, September 21, 2012


8:00 a.m.

We saw the line. 
We went out to breakfast.
We came back.
We got in and out of the store with the new iphone 5 in 30 minutes and that is how long it usually takes in the cell phone store.

9:00 a.m. 
Heading home. 
First Apple product in this house. 
I know all those Apple lovers are nodding their heads.

The Telephone

 "When I was just as far as I could walk
 From here today,
 There was an hour
 All still
 When leaning with my head against a flower
 I heard you talk.
 Don't say I didn't, for I heard you say--
 You spoke from that flower on the windowsill--
 Do you remember what it was you said?"

 "First tell me what it was you thought you heard."

 "Having found the flower and driven a bee away,
 I leaned my head,
 And holding by the stalk,
 I listened and I thought I caught the word--
 What was it?  Did you call me by my name?
 Or did you say--
 Someone said 'Come'--I heard it as I bowed."

 "I may have thought as much, but not aloud."

 "Well, so I came."

 [(from Mountain Interval, 1916)
 The Poetry of Robert Frost]


melissa said...

Now the question is...who gets to keep the phone? :)

Just last night I had a spell of being so tired of technology. Different children are either watching some inane wedding show on cable, or on iPods, or on laptops.

Makes me crazy.

But reading the Frost poem was settling. Thanks for that.

Bonnie said...

My daughter.
I purposely didn't write that because she paid for it. She even wondered if she would be too tied to technology. Then this morning she asked Siri ( not sure I am spelling it right?) what the weather is like. The phone-computer said: Good morning Emma. Good question! It is beautiful outside! Low 70's........) I want a IPAD. Maybe Christmas?!