Monday, September 3, 2012

The beginning........

I am listening to BBC-Radio  3 with Eric Whitacre while tying up ends for the beginning of Humanities Class tomorrow. 

This year Eric fits right in ~ Modernity: 1800's to the present.
My daughter's choir will be singing SLEEP this year:

Commonplace journals were started with quotes from the Jane Austen books they picked to read. Summer reading.
Notes from a Tilt A Whirl by ND Wilson is our slow read throughout the semester. It is to get us ready for Chesterton's Orthodoxy next semester. Here Eric Metaxas on both here ( 3 mins) .  Our next novel is A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens. It was the best of times , it was the worst of times......This 200th year anniversary of Dickens will be fun! It was back in Feb., then the Queens Jubilee , then the Olympics. The Brits have had quite a year of celebrations! 
 I think about  our whole country celebrating our leader like they did the Queen. Little trickles of their  celebration even arrived at my house! ( tea , napkin, and a kitchen towel of the Jubilee)

The week also begins a discussion group of Vol. 6 of Charlotte Mason's volumes. Vol 6 and a stack of books ~~ to share at the meetings. A stack of books of a favorite author: now doesn't that sound fun! Tell you who after Thursday!

So many movies coming out this year of this time period: The Hobbit, Les Miserable, Anna Karenina, what else?

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