Friday, September 7, 2012

a few days without a computer

When the fan dies in your computer, it could melt the whole insides. Mine died Tuesday. Now on a new computer after always checking emails on other computers  but  I was  not in the blog world or FB or checking news. We did watch the DNC and RNC ....hmmmm.............. the first was in my city. Today I took a friend to the airport. The radio said to get there 3 hours early! I got her there 2 and a half. No problems. I was impressed how organized the traffic and signs were. She got to her gate in 30 minutes.

 Quieter now. Protesters should be gone too. The one that impressed me the most was a priest leading the way on the main street with 100 prolifers behind him praying. Thanks for praying for our city this week!


podso said...

Glad you got your new computer--you have a husband who knows about these things!

Bonnie said...

But not how to fix a fan and that usually means a new computer!