Thursday, March 4, 2010

the sound of clicking

It was like the music in
Atonement but different.
In the movie, the typewriter
is used as a percussion instru-
ment. Today in my high school
class, it was the sound of PCs.
Listening and typing. It is
what we all do. Mulitask.
Hard to think someone is
listening when they type.
They all do it. I do it, but
not well; you know "MOM
are you listening!" "What
did I say?" ( it happened tonight
with my daughter holding

So will libraries become all
technical ~ what will happen to
books? Will everything look different?
Yes, our library system will be
cutting back with some closings
and some hour changes. Sort
of like the Post Office. Two of
my favorite places.

If you want Shelf Life, Dr. Grant
has a SALE here.

If you want a list about A LIFETIME
go here.

If you want to hear him read,
go here.
Where he finds the time and
what he is reading.

Woman Reading in a Landscape, 1869, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

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