Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lemondrops and Bluebirds Journal

Lemondrops and Bluebirds Journal

Emma bought this journal yesterday
while we were at B&N for a gift card.
On the back is the ribbon that the
bluebird is holding with this written
on it:

"where troubles melt like lemon drops"

t has 3 colored sections with each
page framing the lines with a date on the
top right by a gorgeous design and a finger
pointing to start here for this day.

She got it home and thought it needs a special
pen to write in . Maybe Calligraphy.

She didn't watch this that morning but it seemed
like she did. I did:
Dr. Grant on Journals, Pens, and what he
does to provoke creativity.

You will want to get out your journal and stop

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