Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Helen Oxbury and John Burningham

Two illustrators who are married!
Did you know that?

He did Mr. Gumpy's Outing.
She did a wonderful Alice in Wonderland.
They wanted a NEW Alice and she did it.
She gave her a new look , a new little girl.
It took her 3 years. Then she came back
to Alice Through the Looking Glass and
decided a few years later to illustrate it.
You can listen to a short interview and
hear her wonderful British accent here.



Here's another book she illustrated:



Unknown said...

I did not know that!

melissa said...

Love this post, and there's a Mem Fox book we love, 'Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!' is wonderful!

We check that out at the library all the time.

Speaking of illustrators, we love Marla Frazee as well. Sorta similar.

Oh, and the woman who does Toot and Puddle. (I could go on an on, but you wrote about H. Oxenbury at first!)

What about Janet Ahlberg's illustrations in 'Each Peach, Pear Plum'? Love those. Sadly she died young (50), but her drawings are darling.

Fun! :) But sorry I got off track!

Brenda Williams said...

I am thinking that I bought the Gumpy book for Amber's boys a couple of years ago. She will know for sure. I think I am remembering correctly; we both thought it was Grumpy rather than Gumpy, and got a nice laugh about how observand we were!

Amber Benton said...

I did not know that, either! Yes, Mom, you did buy "Mr. Grumpy". I think we read it that way at least the first time through, and I kept thinking the whole time, "He doesn't look grumpy at all!" LOVE Burningham...