Monday, March 22, 2010

Being thankful is sometimes hard

We walked into the library branch we
use that is not closing and found them
purging books , moving books and then
I saw a friend. A friend who is a librarian.
She was laid off on Friday. I almost cried.
I thought the libraries and their employees
were closing. NO,they are moving some to
other branches and others at the branches
still open will have to leave in 2 weeks.

I almost cried also because I was on the tail end
of a phone call with a friend who is mourning
the freedoms in our country.
What other freedoms will change?

Another friend was laid off from her job
on Friday. So now my prayers are full : mercy.

It is hard to be thankful when loss comes
God is good.
I am thankful.
He is merciful.

Well, here's a interesting thing to be thankful
for: Snow up in the mountains!

I am thankful for Mercy.
Every morning.
Every morning.

The sun still comes up every morning.
The artists still capture its beauty.,-Sunrise-1845.jpg

Norham Castle, Sunrise 1845

holy experience


podso said...

Thanks, Bonnie

Brenda Williams said...

Bonnie, it is so true that we are sadly unwilling give thanks, especially for the little things we take for granted. Even when God gives us the lottery we are slow to acknowledge the source of our gift. I have text messages blocked on our cell phones, so we can neither receive nor send messages. When I turned my phone on as I was leaving work I was puzzled at the tiny envelope that popped up at the bottom of the screen. More from curiousity than anything else I investigated. There was a phone number I didn't recognize, although the 704 area code hinted at family in your area. But the kicker was the first the words of the message that was the lead in: PRAISE THE LORD. The rest of the message was: Momma's cancer has shrunk more than 50% after just one Chemo! Not only had God given us a miracle for my sister-in-law, but he also sent it over a cell phone with text messages blocked! So I am thankful for His touch for my loved one and for His delivering messages despite technology.

debbie bailey said...


Thank you for the beautiful Turner painting. He's one of my favorites. I find myself taking photos in early morning fog trying to emulate his style.