Monday, February 1, 2010

Gratitude for food

Down by the
creek at the
back of our

While the snow came and stayed,
I stayed in the kitchen! My house
filled to 7 and then 9 on Sunday
night for my husband's birthday.
We had church at home in front
of the fireplace and at the breakfast
table to listen to Tim Keller .
I had made Baked Oatmeal and
Cinnamon Rolls from this blog:

Finding Joy in My Kitchen

My daughter made the cinnamon
rolls again this morning and the
same thing happened with less
family here: GONE!

Birthday dinner:
I made Shrimp Bisque from
Tyler Florence, tweaking it to
what I had in the house but
most importantly the main
ingredient was in the freezer!
Then Julia Child's Boeuf
Bourguinon. YUM!

To the family at the table, I
am thankful! To the food that
the Lord has given us, I am
thankful. To the feeding of the
Word by a favorite pastor,
we are thankful.

And I'm thankful for my husband!
His legacy was sitting around him
this past Sunday!


Nancy Kelly said...

That sounds so yummy! We have a problem with a daughter making cinnamon rolls, too. Well, I have the problem of eating too many...

Amber Benton said...

We did cinnamon rolls, too! YUM.

melissa said...

Home is so sweet. And yours sounds especially warm and friendly. :)

SnoWhite said...

Oh - you are too sweet. I'm so happy that you've found recipes your family enjoys.

Happy Cooking!