Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What are you reading Emma?

Question from my dear friend
to answer: what is Emma reading?
She just finished North and South
by Elizabeth Gaskill, She's reading
Cranford by the same author and
trying to finish The Days of Queen
Victoria. She's been to see Percy
Jackson and the Olympians:
The Lightning Thief twice
and it just came out. So the book
came off the shelf to see how it
was different than the movie. It
was but then I haven't read it or
seen it! Other books for school but
those are her heartbeat! I gave her
most of Masterpiece Theater's
recent productions in book form
and the movies for Christmas.

She loves the books better!
Way to go girl!

1 comment:

podso said...

Emma takes after her mom with the books. And you two are peeking around the corner, looking for spring!