Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting on the weather

Scripture says to

Psalm 27:4
Wait on the Lord.
Be strong and let
your heart take
courage. Yes,
wait for the Lord.

Maybe in the waiting
is the faith that we all need to see God.
Ann Voscamp talks about that faith today.

Lauren Winner teache sat Duke University.
That is not far away from here. She
was sick the first Saturday she was to come to teach
a Writer's Workshop. Will the Lord again have
it moved to another Saturday? Wait for the Lord
this Psalm of King David says.

NOW on day before the postponed date:
snow in the forecast. Real

Funny her other book: Real Sex : The Truth
of Chastity has that word in it too: Real.
It is what faith helps us to live, real lives.
So waiting to see with the sun peeking
through clouds, if she will come for
tomorrow's workshop.
Excellent memoir , by the way.

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