Monday, January 11, 2010

From one of Lauren Winner's books

Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity  -              By: Lauren F. Winner

I have extra time to finish
this book which is excellent.
A quote right where I am in
the book at this very moment:

"The choices we make every day--
where we shop, what we do with
our bodies, how we pass our time--
form us. They shape the type of
Christian we become.
What we do matters--not because
good behavior gets us into heaven,
but because behavior , good and bad,
creates certain expectations in us,
teaches us certain lessons. This is one
reason we are taught to pray, even
when we don't feel like it -- because
regular praying will establish in us
the demeanor and the stance of praising

Wendell Berry has noted that ' a
purposeless virture is a contradiction
in terms....If a virtue has been thought
a virtue long enough, it must be assumed
to have practical justification.'"

Yes, Wendell Berry's writing is referred to
in this book on sex. She says he provides a
good starting point for thinking about
sex and community. We are not isolated
even though we moderns conceive ourselves
to be like isolated atoms.We even in the
church. Our culture glorifies achievements
of independence. At the heart of Berry's vision ,
throughout his works, is the
idea of household.

I live in one. You do too. It is a home but more.
A shared work, It is part of a neighborhood and
concentric circles to a the outer part being the
nation. There's a start to some of her wonderful


beth said...

Did you hear Wendell Berry on the Diane Reame show? Such a treat. I'll post a link soon.

Bonnie said...

Yes....I did online.


Amber Benton said...

I live in a HOUSEHOLD. I love that! I'm writing it on my heart like a line from Ann Voskamp - "This apron work matters."