Monday, January 25, 2010

Mulititude Monday

Queen Victoria and Prince

On Friday, there seemed to be a presence of
beauty as we ate a bowl of soup at the Habitat
Store. There among the rows of books was a
Kings and Queens book of England. That was
God's doing for my friend. For me, there was
a hardback of "Girl Meets God" by Lauren
Winner. I'm going to a Writer's Workshop she
is teaching at our church this Saturday . I had
a pile of paperbacks for my daughter-in-law's
classroom. 8th grade English class. Good ones
that are Newberry and Caldicott winners ,
even a Jane Austen.

Then to top it off, I told the cashier that I was
going to hear this author as I pointed to
"Girl Meets God." Well, to my surprise and
delight to a perfect stranger, she said, " I
am too! A friend had her at Duke and another
friend teaches at Covenant Day School."
Now, isn't that amazing. Who could not
believe when such things happen as we go
along our days. I have a story for Lauren too,
about the book!

I am full of gratitude, full of praise for the Lord
giving beauty in the details. Total grace.
I did nothing but see His hand in his good gifts
that He gives. Then to the stunning movie
"Young Victoria" .....and the strengthening of
what beauty brings to the soul.

Today, also, is the start of the Police Academy
by our second son. Lots of prayer for this day.
To this we are thankful. To this we will celebrate
tonight. Maybe a Julia Child!


podso said...

I'm not sure which is the biggest wow! That book story is amazing. Will be praying for B. today

melissa said...

You simply make me smile. Your faith is so dear and, in addition, I'm proud to know you. :)

God is certainly in the details. All of 'em.

Gail said...

What a great story! Can't wait to hear about B's day!