Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweet By and By.......Book Review

published by Thomas Nelson Publishers

Just finished this new book by Sara Evans
whom I do not know in the music industry.
Nor the coauthor Rachel Hauck.
It is a muligenerational story of digging
out the past deep wounds within a family.
It was a page turner. I found myself enjoying
the dialogue which is most of the book. It is
the story of Jade , an young antique dealer ,
as she is getting married. She believed in
forgetting the past and moving on. But she
learns that the past is what inhibits total
intimacy and covering up the past negates the
trust she yearns for.

I am a child of divorce from a large family .
The authors know the pain within that can
lay dormant in a locked room within the heart.
Only Jesus brings that freedom. For me and for
Jade. I was surprised to have tears this morning
towards the end of the book. The words went
deep into my soul and I found myself
before the Lord in worship.
He has set me free.

I recommend this book for a story that will
bring some tough real issues to the surface for
deep discussion in a book club. There is a good
Reading Group Guide at the back to facilitate
that. I like that right there at the end.


podso said...

So, a book club book? Just heard another great review on the other one we are considering. Maybe we need to meet more often.

melissa said...

I tried to get this one but was too slow in responding. Thanks for the good review of it. :) Will look for it at the library.