Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Weekend Before the Wedding

The Prom was the weekend before
the wedding for our 4th son, Gordan.
There was a photo taking party before-
hand for the group from this private
school in a beautiful home. My son
is homeschooled and this prom was
down at the Panther's Stadium Ballroom!
Fun, fun, fun..........

My neighbor Leann's hair done in braids
and twisted up. She and Emma grew up
together. They are 7 years apart and claim
each as sisters! Sort of a
Wendell Berry kind of story!

And Leann introduced these two:
well, first THE WHITE SHOES

Evan's white Italian leather "Tom Wolfe"
shoes on Gordan.........
also Evan's suit on Gordan!

Alex arrives!!


Kermit and Elektra said...

How lovely her dress! How handsome your son! I hardly recognize the (younger ones) anymore!

Anonymous said...

I love Gordan's haircut and he is
good-looking! and now a senoir!