Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Huge blessing at the grocery store

Checking off my list for the wedding
each day.Also praying each day for
God to be in all the details, the nooks
and crannies......
Today I found a necklace
for my dress . Then started getting food
for the After Wedding Family Gathering
( I am 1 of 8! and all are coming) which is
on Sunday afternoon up at my brother's
lakehouse. So I got into HT and found lots
on sale ~~ like natural bacon marked down
3.00 so it was 1.50~! I bought them all (12)
and TEA marked down under 2.00 ( I got a
bagful, a grocery bag) and some all-natural
chicken sausage, etc... I thought WHY am I
buying this when we have THE wedding
( rehearsal dinner, etc..)
My bill : 185.00, less coupons and sales :
135.00, so I saved 50.00 . Then after I paid
a coupon came out and the clerk said
I was the 400th customer!! ( new
promotion) I stood amazed!
So I was given the cash
of 135.00 and then she said YOU also get last
month's promotion of 50.00 in gas gift cards!
So I walked in with nothing but came out
with 185.00 of free groceries and gas to go!
I was dazed! God in the details. I even had
said to my husband earlier : we have to have
some cash this weekend. He had 5.00 in
his wallet!


Danielle said...

WOW! What a great story!!

Carla said...

What can you say other than "God is Faithful! God is Good!" Those words are so small for something so amazing! He care so much for us, even when we don't expect it!

podso said...

ABUNDANT BLESSING !!! I always wondered who ever got to be a 400th! Did they blow a whistle or a siren? And the week of the wedding. God is good, all the time and delights to amaze us! Happy, happy days!

melissa said...

My goodness, what an amazing story. I'm sure the Lord was thrilled to bless you this way.