Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Weekend in a Busy May

Today was a friend's birthday
and we spent the day with a basket
lunch, tea, went downtown to an
urban rose garden ( picked up the
newlywed spur of the moment to get
him out of the office ~~ tax
deadline is June 15th, so long hours)
and to a used bookstore.
God blessed us with perfect
books ~~ she had come to my class to talk
on Sir Walter Scott and everytime we
got together to a used bookstore there
is something on him. You know he's not
exactly well-known today! The book is
from his memoirs and letters organized
by subjects. My great find was two
Shakespeare plays ( Henry V and Othello)
in an acting version and the full version.
God keeps me homeschooling in those

Graduations tomorrow of friends
Emma is singing in the Teen Choir
from church at a retirement home
and in worship on Sunday.
Hope summer comes with it's
long peaceful days!

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Danielle said...

His messages were recorded. Google Drapers Valley Pres. Virginia and you'll find it, with a link I am fairly certain. He spoke on Preaching and the Holy Spirit. Also, Evangelicals and the World. Wonderful!