Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The small things get bigger

The big things for a wedding are
booked and selected and tried on
early on in the planning. Now we are
down to the small things ~~ what
goes on the table for the rehearsal
dinner , socks for the tuxes, etc...
The small things are huge now.
They weigh heavily but may get
disregarded if time wins out. Shakespeare
said "Truth will out" in The Merchant
of Venice. The truth of it is that time
may "will out!" We are all going to laugh
if it does. That brings relief already and
makes me enjoy the days. A list is posted
in my mind every morning. Being a nonlist
person ( I always lose them but somehow
the writing of one helps my memory) it's
interesting to see how the Spirit helps in
this. I have to find the things when I go out
not just in my mind! There's the rub ( from

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