Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new look

I fooled around with the templates
and finally went stark white!
I see my friend Melissa's change
and then my dear friend's
even Dr. Grant changed! The main
website of Kingsmeadow has and
Gregg Wilbur has a new site
The Meaning of Symbols. Some
GKC blogs recently!!

Lovely afternoon tea for this friend's
birthday and Beth came, which she
has gone stark too! Oh how lovely
to have time with them and my
Supper of the Lamb and Chestnut
soup friend of 20 plus years came
to meet them. All at least 20 years
older than Amber.

And check out Letters from Hill Farm
in New Hampshire
who has her books on her headliner.

Enough clicking! AND click
on friend's , Beth and friend in the second
paragraph to see WHO they are! This
keeps messing up!


podso said...

love the picture in the header! all fresh and new

Nan said...

Bonnie, I like your header picture so much! And your new look. I changed my template the first part of the year and I've been so pleased. It's kind of like rearranging a room, don't you think? You feel energized and delighted.