Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My husband said........

right before dinner:
"There's something I haven't
told you. Did you know on May
18th , I will have walked with
Zeena ( our dog) 5,000 miles!
That's as far as from here into

Well, I didn't know that, I said!
If you know Ken, you will
understand. And I do!


podso said...

That is incredible! How old is your dog? I'll tell the Gardener, a.k.a. Dog Walker!

beth said...

That's so funny, Bonnie. Sounds like something Coty would say. He's always figuring out interesting number facts about everyday things.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Wow...............Well she is one old dog! I think she's fourteen????????

Gail said...

If Zeena has walked to Russia, I'd have to say that Maddie has probably been around the world!!