Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm beginning this book with my
high school students ~~ THE
Great Gatsby. THE is a key word.
I grew up near where the book
takes place and there are still
many Jay Gatsbys in the outskirts
of Manhattan. That part of Long
Island is called THE Gold Coast.
A theme here with the work THE!

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Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Jay Gatsby's Mansion

West Egg, N.Y.

$42.5 million

Fabulous Gothic-style manse located on Long Island's North Shore!
Stunning 22,000 square interior! 8 bedrooms, 8 baths; perfect for stay-over guests after wild weekend parties. 4-car garage comes with vintage 1920s yellow roadster. Swimming pool recently repainted. Estate owned. Must sell!

Featured in The Great Gatsby.

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