Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sir Walter.....Scott!-

I'm just about done teaching
and reading part of The Antiquary
by Sir Walter Scott. It was his
favorite book that he wrote. He
wrote to preserve history and heritage
and thought to the future generations
of what would be lost. Tales were being
lost and history forgotten. He wrote about
a longing for things that last and matter.
The main character is Jonathan
Oldbuck who loves old things and history.
Scott gets better as you read into the books.
Charlotte Mason went to bed every night
with a Waverly Novel. A dear friend says
Scott brings peace to her soul. Here's
today's quote: ( for knitters or crocheters)

"The sheep , which, during the ardent heat
of the day, had sheltered in the breaches ,
and hollows of the gravelly bank, or under
the roots of the aged and stunted trees, had
now spread themselves upon the face of
the hill to enjoy their evening's pasture, and
bleated to each other with that melancholy
sound which at once gives life to a landscape
and marks its solitude."

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