Monday, January 21, 2008

There and Back

Back from going up to Blowing
Rock ( Mitford) and Boone to take
my son back to college again! This time
there was snow on the ground
and the ponds were iced. Even
the waterfalls were frozen. It
seemed almost like Narnia here
in the South. There's something
very warm about the cold world.
It is what the poets write
and musicians in their songs.

To quote Linford Detweiler of
Over the Rhine in their Christmas
album called Snow Angels:

"And when we finally get back to the
farm a few days before Christmas
Eve, and it's just the two of us and the
dogs and the kitties, we'll pray we get
snowed in. And after the storm, when
all is still, the stars will wink at the
sleepy farm, and we'll hear the sound
of violins in our heads, and we'll burrow
down deep in our beds, and we'll breathe,
ourselves grinning full of Christmas:
Birth - Life - Death - Resurrection: WOW GOD."

Snow Angels VINYL LP

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podso said...

glad you got back and there safely!