Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sacred Marriage

This book was recommended by
our pastor in his series on Marriage
this month:

Click to see a larger image of Sacred Marriage by Gary L. Thomas

"What if God designed Marriage
to make us Holy more than to
make us happy."

Yesterday I stopped at a new store
as I get to know Boone:

Christian bookstore. I remembered
this book and bought it from a young
man. He said "THAT is a very good book."
Well, it was this one in the pile , next to
some Amy Carmichael books I bought too.
(this store had the best selection of Schaeffer
books I've seen outside a L'Abri Conference!)
He must have been in his early 20's.
comment from someone his age.
He turned his hand
and there was a
wedding ring. A newlywed!

Then this morning, a Dad on one of my
saw the book on the counter
and SAID the very same thing!

Two males in 24 hours. Must be good!

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