Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was looking for this shade of green,
about this shade , more loden , at Goodwill
today to put in the hook rug I'm going to make.
Found a darker shade and several others
with my dear friend who will teach me
and my Charlotte Mason coop of 9-10 year
olds. Got this color....a great deep brown
men's coat to pull apart...a more muted
deep rosey kind of colored skirt with
some wonderful embroidery at the bottom
to make something else out of it....and a
plaid of deep browns and rusts...and a
rich country color that has more golden
in it than this.

We started the house painting before it
all rots! I had to pick the trim
color today. He mixed a darker
green with a lighter one to match our GREEN
roof. So many shades but I think we got it.

And in the midst of Goodwill , I found a
wonderful book to add to my Miss Read
collection. I read the first chapter as a snow
falls overnight on Thrush Green and everyone
wakes to it!

Affairs at Thrush Green Miss Read 1984 HB/DJ NICE


Amber Benton said...

It took me a minute to see what you were doing with the colors :) Just waking up this morning I guess. The rug hooking sounds WONDERFUL - you'll have to post pictures of the demo - we miss you guys.

And, isn't living under a green roof lovely? I always wanted a green roof and we got ours last year!

podso said...

Saw you reading that book by streetlight last night in your car at church! Love the colorful post, and love green ... will look forward to seeing the rug! See you now in a few minutes ...

beth said...

Please do post a picture of the rug with all those lovely colors!

Nan said...

What a clever, clever post, Bonnie! I just loved it. It made me smile. I don't have that Miss Read, but I'm sure I've read it. When my kids were little, I went through every book. The only ones I own are Thrush Green and Winter at Thrush Green. You got a lovely copy.