Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh the weather outside is....

The rest of that song is
LET it SNOW. It's cold enough
to, but no clouds. Very , very cold,
so my husband is building a fire
in the hearth! He's a corporate
guy who gets to commute down the
stairs to the libary to work at home.

Our plans changed
today. We're home to read and
write and think now in front of
the roaring fire!Maybe the knitting
needles will get pulled out of our

Reading about Jan Karon's house
in Virginia. John Grisham lives nearby!
It's a historic farmhouse that she
refurbished and has in her will to donate
it to a children's organization.It's all about
redemption: the property, her books, her life
now for Christ!

Comfort and joy

The coziest room in the house is the kitchen. Its wood-paneled walls and cabinets are finished an antique sage-green. In one corner is a large fireplace, built-in window seats, comfy French Bergere wing chairs and a gate-legged table. "I like to sit here and have a cup of tea," she says.

Even the basement had potential with its exposed brick walls, low wood-beamed ceilings and 7-foot-wide fireplace; Karon renovated it to look like an English tavern. "I wrote a lot of Light from Heaven here," she says of her new novel, the ninth and final book of the Mitford series. (It made its debut this week at No. 3 on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list.)

There's a fun chapter in Lauren Winner's
Girl Meets God, about trying to find Jan
Karon's farm near Charlottesville. Perhaps
Lauren who is at Duke now, has met her!

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podso said...

Where did you get these sheep?

Nan said...

Are these your sheep?? I didn't know you had sheep! I love them. I have six.

Where did you read about JK's house? Wouldn't you love to see pictures? The kitchen sounds like the vet's kitchen where they lived in the last book. Sounds like a dream, like out of a Rosamunde Pilcher book.