Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Walk with Jane Austen

Thursday night our Book Club gathered
with a festive spread that included "Rout Cakes
for Mrs. Elton" ~~ IN Jane Austen's day, a rout
was a fashionable evening party and these were
( a shortbread cookie from Tea With Jane Austen
by Kim Wilson)
and a telephone call to the author! What
fun! We were all so excited to hear her voice
and ask her questions. Imagine doing that with
other authors! Lori Smith's second book is
about her journey to England to follow Jane's
steps and she wove her spiritual journey right along
side it. Very well written and I missed Lori's
voice when I closed the book. Her honesty and
struggles as a single , amidst the joy of knowing God,
reached past the issue of singleness-marriage.
Such delight in God's grace in her book:

" And this is where my walk with Jane Austen
comes in again, because Jane taught me
something about the value of an ordinary life~~
things I'm not sure I understood before I
was stripped of being able to do the ordinary."

....."there's no end to God's grace -- which is big
enough for every single day that I got up..."

Good book to recommend! Thank YOU Lori for
the blessing you gave us in a conversation with
you! Check out her blogs: and
You'll find her in good company .
May God bless you , Lori and answer our prayers for

From a friend's blog:

Whose Head?

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