Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Girls finally WIN

Emma and I were a
team last night in the Scrabble
Tournament. It was against the
two winning brothers and a dear
friend of ours. She is sort of like
an Aunt to my kids! Emma got
all the high counting letters and
used them.....with a little help from
her Mom, the scorekeeper!

Warm and cozy on Christmas
Day Eve!


walking said...

David's grandparents gave him a Scrabble game for Christmas. Yesterday, the first time he played the game, his grandpa LOST two tiles that are irretrievably stuck in the leather couch. So, we are going to have to order a new tile set . . .

I am glad Emma fared better in her tournament!

Oh, wait until you see what my mother and father gave me for Christmas: a Jane Austen the Illustrated Library. Original illustrations plus color plates. Large print that even Steve can read. NINE POUNDS (weight, not cost). I plan to blog it!

Bonnie said...

WOW....what a great gift! It's all of her writings? I will read your blog
about it.

Oh dear about the lost tiles.
We have two sets of the game. Why?
Took my mother's when she passed away four years ago. We always have to count the letters to see if they didn't get mixed up!