Sunday, December 9, 2007

Songs of the Saviour

Tonight is the second performance
of The Songs of the Saviour at church.
Ken and Emma are in choirs and last
night was absolutely magnificent. Part
of the Charlotte Symphony plays with
harp, flute, strings, harpsichord, oboe,
brass......and most of the songs are from
Handel's Messiah. By the time we got to
O Come All Ye Faithful, you had to contain
yourself for that is right after the Hallelujah
Chorus from the Messiah! How can you
not pour out in praise unto the Lord.

Emma said the audience looks so colorful
from the stage! She said it like she was looking
at a Christmas Tree!

another Angel from Fra Angelico


anita said...

Hi Bonnie,
Please tell Ken and Emma how blessed our family was by the concert. We were "Transformed" by the powerful music and beautiful words. We are so thankful this year! Merry Christmas to your family.
love, Anita

Bonnie said...

Will do!
Missed seeing you. I've been
praying for your family!