Monday, December 31, 2007

God is there and He is Not Silent

Last day of this year and I think
about the Lord's goodness unto me!
He hears so well my voice. That amazes
me. He heard today as I prayed to find
a lost folder for my oldest son. He needed
to post on this day, Dec. 31, 2007,
a form for the CPA exam to be
paid for ~~ and I prayed to see that which
is lost! There it was on a book shelf, right
in front of Elizabeth Goudge! What a
combination ~~ a tax firm and an English
writer! All full of character! I praised God
that I know He is there, He is my Hope
(Sunday's sermon) and a new song continues
into the New Year!

Here's a link to a beautiful photo on Elizabeth
Goudge's site:

There's a Christmas poem of hers on the
front page and a tranquil home in the snow!

Sing hey for the God who fashioned for us
This bountiful splendour of earth,
Sing hey for courage and wisdom and love,
For beauty and healing and mirth.
But most for the Child Who on Christmas Day
Took upon Him our human birth.


walking said...

What is your favorite Elizabeth Gouge book? I loved "The Little White Horse" and then read one of her books for adults. It did not strike my fancy like THWH.

Bonnie said...

I loved Green Dolphin Street,
The Dean's Watch, and The White
Witch! Ask me about the last one!
Susan Macaulay is the one I
credit as to discovering Goudge.
I love best The Joy of the Snow,
her autobiography!