Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sweet Coffee

An afternoon coffee with a dear friend,
23 years younger than me,
is so refreshing. I am reminded how
God brings us a taste of eternity in
knowing one another, in the continuity
of relationships, and what that holds.
It holds weddings ( Emma was her flower
girl) and children ( mine! , we're waiting on
that with this young couple!) and books
and how God is bringing our callings to
our doorsteps. Had to come home and
find out where Burma is! She's learning
ESL to teach refugees from this faraway land.
Our relationship started with letters about
Charlotte Mason! Then I found a letter writer
who I pray will write a children's book one day.

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1 comment:

Nan said...

Oh, that's a beautiful picture. I love the color, the muted quality of it. Very evocative. And what a nice thing it is to connect with one so much younger. It is a gift.