Thursday, November 15, 2007

The North Wind

It's blowing in this afternoon. It's snowing up
in Boone! Someone told me it would before

We finished Project Presentations today ~
Ancient Science and Math Projects.
They always bless me because they work
out knowledge and produce something
more than the project! Gordan made a chain
mail glove from Rome , used by the gladiators.
The parents of my students blessed me with
a beautiful laundry basketful of teas, cookies,
candles, a teacup, coffee, and even toilet paper.
I was so touched! God certainly gets all the glory
for calling us all to this work! Surprised by JOY.
That's been our theme for the 3 years we've
undertaken to educate a Gileskirk group.


St Giles, Edinburgh

St Giles Kirk, Edinburgh

St Giles Kirk, Edinburgh
©1995-2007 Gazetteer for Scotland

Thistle Chapel ceiling. Photo: WordRidden

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podso said...

And now some glad rest!