Sunday, November 11, 2007


Lots to be thankful for when we pray,
God gives answers.I'm always looking
and waiting.

Thursday, our oldest accepted a very
good job when Grad School is over in May.
Praise God ! Friday, the third son called that
he was going to a Ron Paul Rally in Philly~
the next day. I wondered if he and his Georgia
rooted friend knew how far Philadelphia is!
He's always been a back seat traveller on our
long trips up north. I kept praying for God's
care for them. Saturday morning the checks
I deposited in his account to help with the hotel
room cleared and I remembered a nephew
is in school at Drexel, right in the heart of Phil.
I had a joyful song in my heart Saturday
morning as I saw God's care for that simple
prayer: take care of him Lord! Making scones
and clotted cream with Emma was full
of praising God as we got the house ready
for 18 to a 40th Birthday Tea!

Have you seen grown women try on hats to
wear while they have tea? They made me laugh
and everyone wore my Grandmother's hats.
I thought about Grammy and how stylish her
hats were. We played "dress up " with them, seeing
which ones fit our heads AND our outfits!
Will post some photos when my helpers
can do the technical photo work! At least
get them off the camera and from one computer
to another!

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Amber Benton said...

Bonnie, Emma, et al. The TEA was a high success in my book! I couldn't believe all the hats - enough for everyone with only one left over. And I tried really hard to find someone whose hat didn't go with their outfit or suit, but they were all PERFECT - only wish I could have lingered longer.