Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I am getting all things packed today to head to the 
Charlotte Mason Institute Conference in Kentucky.
I have been to the location before : a L'Abri Conference.
This time it is my daughter and I going. She is rooming 
with a dear friend who is getting married next Friday. 
My roommate and co-speaker for a workshop has a son
whose lung collapsed in Marine Boot Camp. She is in
Charleston and he is having surgery this afternoon. 

I will have the room to myself. 

I will share next week some nuggets and book titles. 
I come away with hope for the next generation from 
all the teachers, speakers,  moms, dads, and 
even students who attend. 

"To travel deliberately through one's ages, is to get the heart out of a liberal education."
R.L. Stevenson (Dedication of the Vol. Virginibus Puerisque)


Anne White said...

Oh--that Stevenson quote is one of my favourites too!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Bonnie said...

Got it from your blog, Anne!