Monday, June 29, 2015

Eleanor Farjeon's fairytales

Eleanor Farjeon wrote a song most know: Morning has broken. This song was the song of this morning with cool air, bright sunshine and  chattering birds.

 I have collected Eleanor's books for decades. The Little Bookroom is my favorite. My family was swept up into 
the stories one winter , even my husband wanted to take
it to work to read to collegues. Of course, he didn't 
but maybe he told someone about "The Lady's Room" 
which was his favorite. We seemed to jump into these
fairytales and were smitten with the lands the stories
took us to. We read them before bed and first thing in the morning.

 Do find a copy if you haven't read this book , no matter your age. Excellent book to read as a family.

Nellie as her family called her was homeschooled.
 In her childhood, she was "home schooled" and she loved books, perhaps her frequent headaches and colds were contributed to by the dust of the "little bookroom" - an attic space piled with books. 

 While cleaning out some bookcases, I found

this one tucked away on the bottom. ( not my photo)

Kaleidoscope by Eleanor Farjeon HB 1963 Magic Fantasy Poetry


Mama Squirrel said...

I have both of those; I think "San Fairy Ann" (in The Little Bookroom) was a favourite with my girls. The Edward Ardizzone illustrations are an extra bonus!

melissa said...

There's an adult book of hers, can't think of the title, I used to check out from the library pretty often. Can't think of the title of it, though. Must go look it up!