Thursday, June 25, 2015

have to admit

We are watching The Gilmore Girls.
One more episode in the second season and the
characters and humor from Connecticut is
Spot on.
Each is a  stereotypes of all who
live in the Northeast. 

I am reading but chilling out with Lorelai,
Rory and her boyfriends, and Luke.
Then there is Sookie who is played
by Melissa McCarthy. They all make me laugh
and love life. Paris and Lane pop in
as Rory's friends, well, is Paris her friend
or competitor to make it to Harvard?
Do NOT tell me the end. 

 Will Luke and Lorelai get together? I want to live in
Stars Hollow south of Hartford. My brother
does now live in a tiny town after working
his career in Hartford. It is a northern Mitford.

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