Wednesday, March 11, 2015

timing and emily dickinson

I just got 2 dozen of the tinest hen eggs from a new friend.
I loan her books and she gives me eggs.
Homeschoolers stick together and give and take!
The eggs are very small. So 2 dozen = 1 dozen
It take 2 to equal 1 large egg. 
I am going to make omelets tonight.

The past two days have had those times when you 
run into a friend from the past. This happened yesterday
on the way home from class. Today was in Hobby Lobby.
Each  encouraged my heart.  The Lord knows what
words need to come to us to strengthen and to give  
courage. Life is not for the faint-hearted. 

There is always in  timing a way of seeing or to 
notice  God's hand to orchestrate our days.

 It is the hyphens of Emily that are the 
pauses which make timing perfect. The pauses of 
our days to leave at a certain time and thus meet
up unawares who will be in our path. 

I did hang my laundry outside for the first time in a long time. 
Timing= Spring

This is what we are making tomorrow in class with Emily Dickinson's
poem and why I was in Hobby Lobby.  A dear friend and mom 
of two of my students will teach us this:

o celebrate the ushering in of spring. a poem by my favorite, emily dickinson.
{habiliments = clothing; seraphic = befitting a celestial being}

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