Monday, March 9, 2015


I just got a cup of ginger tea when the 
reading of Chapter 72: The Monkey Line
came to the paragraph below! I had 
many choices for afternoon tea and here
I am with a cup of Ginger tea while this
is being read to me. 

It was like I was on the ship.

From the Annotated Moby Dick; 

"Ginger? Do I smell ginger?" suspiciously asked Stubb, coming near. " Yes, this must be ginger," peering into the as yet untasted cup. Then standing as if incredulous for a while, he calmly walked towards the astonished steward slowly saying, "Ginger? ginger? and will you have the goodness to tell me, Mr. Dough-Boy, where lies the virtue of ginger? Ginger! is ginger the sort of fuel you use, Dough-Boy, to kindle a fire in this shivering cannibal? Ginger!—what the devil is ginger?sea-coal? fire-wood?—lucifer matches?tinder?—gunpowder?—what the devil is ginger, I say, that you offer this cup to our poor Queequeg here?"

Photographs by Lucy Shupe and Jeanne Rhea.
from the beginnings of my Altered MOBY DICK
book by Penny Arrowood.


melissa said...

What a wonderful book to hold and pet. I envy you that. :) As to Ginger...a neighbor gave me a jar of Ginger simple syrup, and also some dried Ginger to add to tea, or grind up, or just pop in my mouth. I think I'll go do just that.

Bonnie said...

I do like Ginger too. It was so odd to grab a cup and then have that part of the chapter be just where I came to.