Monday, February 24, 2014


Well, what is blogging?
It is a form of journalism, a diary, editiorial comments... and what else?

Been trying to find a reason to continue. 
I love reading blogs. Some people make a living from their blogs.

Not me. 
Are you?
Why do  you keep going?


podso said...

don't stop! I learn from you(r blog) !

melissa said...

I don't know what keeps me going...maybe just putting down what's going on, hoping someone else understands. I do need breaks from time to time, though. Anything (including blogging) that wears thin after awhile, needs air to breathe.

walking said...

I don't make a living from it either. However, I do know that keeping a blog encourages people teaching and raising kids in the autism spectrum. I still have Pamela and the kids at school to inspire me.

I wonder if you are wondering what to blog once your nest is completely empty.

I do enjoy your blog, so I hope you continue!

tonia said...

friendships, mostly...but I'm wearing very thin with it after 8 years now.

Gail said...

Oh, please don't stop. I always feel like we've had a visit when I read your blog. And I love you p!ictures