Tuesday, February 11, 2014

we have snow

It was a perfect snowy day. 
We woke up and it started to snow. 
Large flakes. 
It stuck.
Tomorrow has a word  : more

We cancelled a  class trip to a monastery. 
Brother Edward was so kind. 
We already have it rescheduled. 

I am almost halfway through Keller's new book on Pain 
and Suffering. Almost. It is thorough and you have 
to think when reading. Keller says to skip Part One if you are in the 
midst of adversity.  This parttells about cultural worldviews 
on this subject. Quite interesting:  how a culture helps its
 members face evil and adversity. Our modern secularism
questions our national tragedies and has thinned out traditional beliefs. 
The problem of evil is a tough one. Now to Part Two: the fiery furnace.

Watching skating and skiing and snowboarding.
What excellence on ice and snow.


melissa said...

No snow here, but am in anti-winter mode. One word rang through to me, though....monastery. I want to go to one so badly.

When you do, please fill me in---photos too, if possible. :)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Sounds like a very interesting book.