Saturday, March 1, 2014

I would miss my blogging friends

and I love reading your blogs. 
They have strengthened my in the Lord.
They have given me hope.
They have given me beauty.
They have given me an education .
They have sent me into prayer.
They have taught me much , even though I have never meet most.

Great song as we go into this third month of the New Year.
I will hear Eric Peters  next weekend. He is part of The Rabbit Room. 
So much hope in his words:

A friend went to the recent Hutchmoot Conference at Laity Lodge in Texas.
She got another of Kathleen Norris' books signed for me. We met Kathleen
in the 1990's so some of my books are signed by her. Now The Quotidian
 Mysteries has her signature in it. I am not sure which is my favorite. I think 
this one might be. She taught me so much about the holiness of being a homemaker.


Nancy Kelly said...

And I would miss you! You must continue, if only once in a while. I probably would not be blogging myself if it wasn't for your encouragement at a CMI conference many years ago!

I love the things you post - the clips, the art, the books.

Glad you decided to stay.


podso said...

Each blog seems to sort of form a community around it. Somewhat virtual I guess, but real none the less.