Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I sold a book on Amazon and had an email asking why I charged
more for the postage than what it costs to send it. 
Well,I got an attitude. 
You know how that goes. Something else to do and deal with. 
 Well, I had to find where Amazon suggests the 3.00 plus 99 cents. 
I sent an email and she responded. We went back and forth for about
5 emails, turning into conversation! A wonderful one.  
Well, now I am smiling. I had sold her an Anne Graham
Lotz's  Bible Study book. 
 Ended up blessing each other at the very end.

Heading out at the end of the week for Thanksgiving week. 
The days are marching towards our suitcases very fast.

Have a very good time with family and friends and turkey. 


melissa said...

Glad you got the book sale sorted out. I understand, because I've sold and bought. Some buyers don't understand the shipping allowance and wonder when the package comes and the stamped pkg is less than they paid.

Sigh....but pleased with your happy ending. You're so obviously sweet in your writing, not surprised. :)

podso said...

I like that "the days are marching towards our suitcase very fast." Lovely writing! I need to learn how to sell online.