Tuesday, November 5, 2013

funny how an hour makes a difference

Doesn't it?
We all commented on how dark it was at dinner last night. 
Then it is nice to get up in the light. 
I live with a rooster and he likes to get up in the dark. 
I just don't understand. 

Somehow in October the holidays seemed far away. 
We turned the page of the calendar and here are the 
holidays. There seems to be much responsiblity with 
Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So here are words from a friend who sent them 
to me for a good night's sleep:

Sleep in peace tonight. Narrate all the goodnesses of the Lord to you
today and "He giveth his beloved sleep."


tonia said...

Love that last little line. Yes, so dark here at dinner time! I'm having a hard time adjusting. :)

podso said...

I think you sent me that quote as well. The dark dinner hour makes it feel more like winter and the holidays. You have much to look forward to! My SB book is coming this week!